About Agronegev

AgroNegev – AgroTech cluster in the Western Negev
Led by ISG Intelligence and with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Western Negev Cluster- which includes 11 municipal authorities and is defined as the largest agricultural area in the State of Israel.

AgroNegev offers an innovative approach for regional- economic development by multi-sectorial collaborations in the pentagon of: entrepreneurs, research and academic centers, corporate, public sector and capital investors and the local farmers.

AgroNegev holds a unique team of experienced farmers and agronomists alongside with vast experience entrepreneurs that together closing the gap between the startup nation and the farmers.

AgroNegev enables innovation in the region in 3 verticals:
Value creation for startups seeking for validations and PoC by collaborating them with the right farmer, researchers, mentors, the right atmosphere for the technology and more, with the understanding that the farmers vast knowledge is the real asset of the region.
Implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the region- we must preserve the active farmers and be the enablers of new technologies to them, regarding their challenges and needs.
Impact. Start from kindergarten through schools and education for the local farmers, creation of local communities, early addupter farmers and professional mentors on the bases of veteran farmers.

Israel's Western Negev offers a unique conditions for startups to grow, as it is the biggest and most variety agricultural area in the start-up nation:

  • biggest agricultural region in Israel
  • variety of farmers
  • innovation & R&D centers
  • edge of the desert
  • vast experienced farmers as partners
  • The Western Negev – one stop shop for AgTech startups
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